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BePure InnerCalm FAQ's

BePure InnerCalm is a new addition to the BePure range and you can find all key questions and answers below:

1. How does BePure InnerCalm work?

InnerCalm has been designed to help calm the mind and body to better cope with the effects of stress and anxiety. Inner Calm is formulated with a soothing blend of nutrients and herbs to calm our neurotransmitters and nervous system. It is designed to support people experiencing anxiety, trouble sleeping, feeling stressed or overwhelmed. It also contains kava to support immediate anxiety relief.

2. How do I know whether InnerCalm or InnerStrength is right for me?

InnerCalm is designed for those experiencing anxiety or stress and seeking immediate relief.

InnerStrength is designed for those feeling wired AND tired and need some support with long term stress resilience, if you do not tolerate caffeine of any kind then this product is right for you!

3. Can I take both BePure InnerCalm & InnerStrength together?

Yes! Our BePure Inner duo makes a great combination in our Stress and Burnout Recovery Pack. The combo can provide both immediate relief from stress and long term resilience for the fast paced world we live in today.

4. What's in BePure InnerCalm?

InnerCalm has a combination of herbs and nutrients to support immediate stress/anxiety relief, including the below:

Kava: To provide an instant relaxation response and longer term support for anxiety. Activates GABA receptors

Passionflower: Provides short term support for anxiety. Activates GABA receptors

Magnesium: To calm the body and mind.

B6, Zinc, Vit C: Supports calming neurotransmitter production.

5. When/how do I take BePure InnerCalm?

BePure InnerCalm can be taken anytime of the day, with or without food. We recommend taking all 3x capsules together daily for the immediate relief of stress and anxiety.

Not recommended for anyone under the age of 18 years.

6. Can I take BePure InnerCalm while breastfeeding/pregnant?

BePure InnerCalm is not recommended for pregnancy and breastfeeding due to herbal ingredients such Kava and Passion Flower. These have not been investigated to confirm safety during these times.

7. Can I take BePure InnerCalm alongside antidepressants/anti-anxiety medication?

We do not recommend taking InnerCalm alongside alcohol, benzodiazepines or CNS depressants. Other classes of antidepressants such as SSRIs or anti-anxiety medication can be used alongside BePure InnerCalm but if you are not sure we recommend checking in with your doctor or giving our friendly team a call on 0800 52 54 52. 

8. Is BePure InnerCalm suitable for vegans?

Yes! Both BePure InnerCalm and InnerStrength are Vegan friendly.

9. Are there any side effects to BePure InnerCalm

Unlikely – Different people can respond to herbs in different ways. 

Although rare, the most likely side-effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach
  • Headaches
  • Increased anxiety
  • Fatigue

10. Can I take BePure InnerCalm with other BePure products?

Yes! BePure products are designed to be mixed and matched, you can combine BePure InnerCalm with most of our BePure range, it makes a great combo with the following products as well:

- BePure InnerStrength
- BePure MenoCalm
- BePure CycleCalm
- BePure Magnesium Restore

* Please note BePure InnerCalm cannot be taken with BePure Deep Sleep or Eve Chill Pills.

11. How long should I take BePure InnerCalm for?

InnerCalm is not designed for regular, long term use  - a  six  month time period is recommended. We would encourage you to look into ways to support your stress response long term with the support of our BePure InnerStrength and use InnerCalm for periods of high need.

12. How long before I start to see a difference?

You should feel a difference very quickly but this can vary from person to person. For some people it can take up to 5 weeks to see the full effect of this product. 

13. How old do I have to be to take BePure InnerCalm?

It is recommended for the ages 18+ and over due to the herbal ingredients such as Kava.

14.  Is BePure InnerCalm GF, DF, SF?

Yes BePure InnerCalm is free from the following common allergens:

Gluten free

Soy free

Dairy free

Corn free

Refined sugar free

GMO free

Free of artificial colours, flavours and additives