Can I Change The Products In My Subscription Order?

You can swap some items yourself through your myBePure log in, although not all. If you can't find items in the swap option you will need to email so that our team can add and remove products for you.

To see what products are available for you to swap simply log into your account and click the 'Manage Subscriptions' button from the menu (click here for a guide on how to access your subscriptions).

Once at the MY ACCOUNT homepage, click on the 'View Details' button:

Next, scroll down to click on the 'Products in your subscription' button, and then click the blue 'Swap Product' button on the right hand side.

From there you will be able to select which pack or product you would like to swap to, so you just need to click the blue 'Select' button next to the option you would like to swap to, and then click the blue 'Save Changes' button to make sure the change is saved. You should then see that your products have been swapped.


If you would like to swap your products to an option that isn't available on your account, just send an email to and we can change the products in your order. Be sure to email us at least 24 hours prior to your order shipping to make sure we have time to get that set up for you.