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Comprehensive Programme

Find out more about how we can help you through the Comprehensive Programme - it's structure, price, and what's included.

Our BePure Comprehensive Programme has been carefully curated to support more persistent, challenging health concerns, or individuals who are wanting to understand their health in great depth.

With complete access to extensive gold standard, scientific testing, BePure protocols and practitioner-only products, as well as fortnightly consultations with your BePure Holistic Health Consultant, this in-depth approach is a great way to address more significant health and wellness challenges.


The cost of the programme is $349 every 4 weeks ongoing**

  • 75-minute health history and planning in your initial consultation
  • Alternating fortnightly between a 45-minute intensive consultation and a 20-minute check-in.
  • Personalised diet, lifestyle and nutritional plan and coaching
  • Personalised nutritional product recommendations with complete access to practitioner-only products*
  • Full access to BePure protocols
  • Full access to gold standard, scientific testing*


*Products and testing at an additional cost.
**The BePure Comprehensive Programme is a minimum of three months with a recommended journey of six to nine months.