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How Is My Subscription Affected By COVID-19?

We have recently been approved by the Ministry of Business and Employment (MBIE) as an essential service and so are able to send out orders as usual.

Can I Receive My Regular Subscription At This Time?

  • Yes absolutely! Your subscription orders will go through as normal, and you will receive a 4-day reminder email prior to any subscription being sent. If you need to change the date of your subscription, just send an email to orders@bepure.co.nz. 

My Order Was Skipped Due To Your Temporary Suspension Of Business. How Can I Receive This Order Now?

  • While waiting for approval from the Government we did have to suspend business, and this included subscription orders. We skipped any orders that were due during this time (2nd of April - 9th of April), however if you would now like to receive this order just email orders@bepure.co.nz and we can set it up for you to be processed whenever works best for you. 
  • If your next order is due after the COVID-19 level 4 response period has finished, that one will be processed as usual. You can click here for a helpful guide on how to access your online myBePure account which you can use to see when your next order is due.

Can I Change The Date Of My Next Subscription?

  • You sure can - just get in touch anytime by emailing orders@bepure.co.nz to change the date (or any other details) of your order. 

Are There Delays On Shipping Due To COVID-19?

  • Courier Post has let us know that yes there are some delays on shipping due to COVID-19. Please be patient as we all work hard to get your orders to you as quickly as possible, and keep an eye on your inbox for your shipping confirmation email which will also contain a tracking number so you can follow your order to your door.

Can I Change The Address For My Order?

  • Yes you can, and we would encourage you to check that the address on your account is where you are currently living and not a work address or other address that you can't currently access. You can click here for a guide to update your address on your account, or email our team at orders@bepure.co.nz.