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What Product Is Best For Perimenopause?

BePure CycleCalm is a wonderful product to support you through perimenopause if you are struggling with mood swings, sleep difficulties, or your periods are starting to become less regular.

BePure CycleCalm contains nutrients like zinc and B6 to support ovarian function and your own production of progesterone and oestrogen. 

It also includes a lovely mix of calming herbs designed to calm your system and support your adrenal glands. 

During menopause and perimenopause, our ovaries slowly shut down their production of our sex hormones and our adrenals become the primary sex hormone-producing glands in the body. In the BePure Clinic we notice that women who prioritise their adrenal health tend to have a smoother transition through menopause, so perimenopause is a great time to start focusing on this.