What Testing Do You Offer?

At BePure we utilise testing to gain transparency into your unique body as a useful guide for what might best support your personal health journey.

Combining this scientific approach with BePure’s grounding in holistic health and nutrition is what makes our services unique. Testing is only available to clients working with one of our Holistic Health Practitioners through the clinic, which you can click here to read more about.

We offer a range of different testing options to our clients including standard blood tests, complete microbiome mapping, the IgG/IgA ELISA food intolerance test, Eve Complete, the DUTCH test and organic acids testing. You can click here to read more about our gold standard testing options

If you are interested in testing, please contact us on info@bepure.co.nz and we can chat about how we might best be able to support you with this through our Clinic Programmes.