Can I Take BePure CycleCalm While On the Oral Contraceptive Pill?

We have completed in-depth research and analysis to evaluate the contraindications between the active ingredients with the OCP and found there is no scientific evidence for any contraindications.


However, BePure CycleCalms's main function is to support the quality of ovulation and progesterone levels. At a stretch, there could be potential for an interaction with the oral contraceptive pill (even though none are documented) because of this. Hence why we have a precaution.


We have been looking at the biochemistry associated with the ingredients, to establish the viability of the mechanism of action as to whether it is responsible for the reduced efficacy of the OCP, but unfortunately due to the complexity of the mechanisms of action, we cannot be sure either way.


If you are concerned, you may like to use additional contraceptive measures while using BePure CycleCalm.