How Do I Change The Date Of My Next Subscription Order?

Our BePure subscription service is designed to be totally flexible. You can easily change the date of your next order through your myBePure account to make sure your orders arrive exactly when you need them.

1. Log in* to your myBePure account at , just select the MYBEPURE icon as seen in the image below.

*If you try to login and get the message 'User Does Not Exist', please click 'Register' rather than login. Don't worry - it won't set you up with another account, it will just reset your current one.

2. Select the 'Manage Subscription' option from the next menu. 

3. Select the blue 'Change date' option, then select the new date you would like your order to be processed on using the calendar.

4. Click the blue 'Save Changes' button and make sure you see the green text saying 'Your next order date was successfully updated!'. You can also double check by making sure the next order date is showing as updated.

Having issues?

  • If you're experiencing any issues we first recommend making sure you are using a computer or laptop rather than a mobile device, and we also recommend using Google Chrome.
  • If you're still having trouble, you can contact our Nutritional Health Support team on 0800 52 54 52 ext 2, or email

Please note that pushing out your order date does not cancel your account entirely. If you would like to cancel your subscription just email