How Do I Use The BePure Zinc Taste Test?

The BePure Zinc Taste Test is a liquid sample of zinc that acts as a functional taste test for assessing zinc levels. It works based on the premise that being able to detect the naturally mineral or unpleasant taste of zinc is dependent on having enough zinc in your body. For many people, they can take a liquid sample of zinc and it tastes just like water - indicating a zinc deficiency. 



Taking the Zinc Taste Test is quick and easy and anyone in your family can do it.

  • Pour a mouthful of the liquid in the BePure Zinc Test into your mouth and swill it for 10 seconds then swallow.
  • Follow the instructions on the back of the test to assess results. 
  • Additional 3 tests can be given to loved ones to access their zinc levels or you can retake the zinc taste test every 1-2 months.