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One-Off Consultations

One-off Holistic Health Consultation

A BePure Holistic Health Consultation is a great opportunity for an introduction into how BePure, and our holistic, scientific approach, can support you on your health journey to reach your goals.

BePure Holistic Health Consultations are provided via our BePure Online Clinic. Consultations are held through video conferencing via Zoom.

$189 Single 45min consult
  • A 45 minute single consultation with a BePure Holistic Health Consultant
  • Support in setting personal health and wellness goals
  • Personalised diet, lifestyle and nutrition recommendations suited for your unique body and health goals
  • Personalised nutritional product recommendations*
  • Motivational and habit-forming tactics to continue on your health journey
  • Access to comprehensive blood tests and Eve Hormone Balance testing*
  • Option to book in for a follow-up consultation (at an additional cost)

*Products and testing at an additional cost.