What Is In BePure Collagen+?

BePure Collagen+ contains premium sustainable marine based type 1 collagen alongside key ingredients known for soothing inflammation at the root of skin conditions.

Key Active Ingredients:

  • Type 1 Marine Collagen Peptides - Type 1 collagen is highly bioavailable and can improve the structural integrity of everything from our joints, skin, vital organs, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract and bones.

  • Functional Keratin - Unique protein found in hair and nails.

  • Silica (Collodial Anhydrous) - A mineral which assists in the production of hair, skin and nails

  • Zinc (As Zinc Picolinate) -  Important mineral and antioxidant for skin

  • Polypodium Leucomotos - A fern which is acts as an antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation and helps protect against UV radiation damage.

  • Vitamin C - A powerful antioxidant that has been shown to improve new collagen synthesis.

  • Bioflavonoids - Promote healthy skin and blood vessels and support the life span of Vitamin C in the body.

  • Vitamin E - An antioxidant which helps protects skin against radiation and damage.

  • Natural Vanilla or Chai Flavour

  • Monkfruit (Natural Sweetener)