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What Is The BePure Clinic?

If you are looking for one-on-one support on your health journey through consultations with a Holistic Health Practitioner then the BePure Clinic may be able to help you.

Our team of Holistic Health Practitioners are here to support you with your health concerns or health goals through diet, lifestyle and nutritional support products. We take care to delve deeper into the driving factors behind your health concerns, and formulate a unique and personalised protocol to best support your on your health journey. All of our practitioners are trained and supervised by Ben Warren and come from a range of different qualifications and backgrounds. You can read more about our clinic team here. 


An initial Health Consultation with the BePure Clinic includes a series of personalised testing including a full health history, health appraisal assessment questionnaire, and organ function assessment, an assessment of your macronutrient profile and tailored dietary recommendations. For those interested in ongoing or regular support we can conduct further investigation into your health concerns including individualised plans to support specific body system and functions through diet, lifestyle and nutritional support. 


We use an evidence-based approach to natural health, and incorporate gold-standard functional health tests where useful to help take the guesswork out of your health and be able to provide you with personalised protocols to best support your unique body. This includes blood testing where appropriate, but also extensive gut testing looking at your microbiome and immune responses to different foods. Please note that gut testing is only available on our Clinic Programmes, however we can do blood testing for those interested in one-off consults. 


Our clinic is located in Grey Lynn, Auckland, however we have clients living all over the country so distance is not an issue. We can post you everything you need for testing and products, and conduct your consults via video conference.