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What Is The Best Product For Energy?

Cellular energy is key to health. Our body is constantly creating energy within our cells, allowing our body to function on a daily basis. The mitochondria are the part of the cell that is responsible for energy production, so it’s essential they are able to function properly. This is where nutrients are so important, as the rate at which energy is produced is nutrient-dependent.


The best fuel for your mitochondria are b-vitamins, vitamin C and COQ10. BePure One contains over 50 different highly bioavailable ingredients to support your optimal health, including all of the b-vitamins we need for optimal energy and vitamin C, so this is the best place to start to support your energy. 


BePure Super Boost C is our vitamin C powder, and taking an additional dose of vitamin C during the day can be another fantastic way to support your mitochondrial function and energy. With a powerful formulation of two to one ratio of bioflavonoids to vitamin C, BePure Super Boost C provides your body with a top-quality, high strength dose of vitamin C. Bioflavonoids recycle the vitamin C electron, so once in your body, it essentially provides you with double the vitamin C, making BePure Super Boost C incredibly high strength. BePure Super Boost C is created in an easily absorbed, delicious powder form, keeping you energised and your immune system healthy and strong. 


BePure Ten provides the optimal daily dose of naturally fermented co-enzyme Q10, sourced from Japan. CoQ10 is found within every cell in the body and is essential for energy production. The co-enzyme Q10 increases the efficiency of the electron transport chain within our cells and in essence, supports you in creating 'free energy'.