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What Is The Best Product For Menopause?

For many women, menopause is not as harmonious as it could be, which is why we have designed BePure MenoCalm.

BePure MenoCalm is formulated with nutrients and herbs such as Sage Leaf and Black Cohosh to ease the unwanted experiences commonly associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, mood swings, and disrupted sleep.


This product is most effective when taken alongside BePure One and Three, so ensure that your body is receiving all of the micronutrients that your cells need to function well. We need micronutrients for hormone production and metabolism, and also to help our body remain sensitive to hormones and listen to them as well as possible. This helps you make the most of the hormones that you are still producing. 


During peri-menopause, adrenal support is also important as your ovaries are slowly reducing their production of hormones making your adrenal glands the key hormone-producing centers. It is therefore important to keep up your nutrient stores to support your adrenal glands, and we recommend BePure Zinc Restore and Super Boost C for that added adrenal support