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What Measures Are BePure Taking To Reduce The Spread Of COVID-19?

While most of our BePure team are currently working from home, our wonderful distributions team are still working from our warehouse to get your products to you. They are taking strict measures to keep themselves and all of you safe when sending out any orders. Here are some of the steps we have in place to protect our entire BePure Community:

  • Our warehouse team is made up of the amazing Halford family who are all in the same social-distancing bubble! This means that we have only have one bubble sending out products which his great for you and also great for them as they are not at an increased risk when coming to work each day.
  • Our team is wearing masks and gloves while working, and changing these regularly throughout the day as needed.
  • Hands are washed every hour, and on top of this they are washed again if any staff member touches their face before touching any surface or handling product.
  • All surfaces are regularly wiped down with disinfectant and paper towels.
  • Our Courier pick up has been reduced to one time a day. The Courier driver is not allowed inside our warehouse and must stay at least 2m away from any members of the team.
  • Our team wheel your orders outside in a sanitised trolley, where the Courier driver can then load them into the van. The Courier driver washes and sanitises their hands before picking up the boxes, and the trolley is again sanitised before re-entering the warehouse.