Can You Please Tell Me More About Ben Warren?

Recognised as a leader in his field with over 15 years of hands on experience, Ben Warren is the founder of BePure, and one of New Zealand’s most renowned clinical nutritionists and holistic health experts.

Ben has made it his mission to build a new future of health by empowering and educating New Zealanders on the importance of diet, lifestyle and nutrition.

And what sparked this mission? Starting his career as an elite golf coach, an ongoing inflammatory injury prevented Ben from progressing as a player. Researching all avenues and specialists, it was diet and nutrition that finally healed the inflammation.

Experiencing this, Ben put down his golf clubs, went back to study, and became a clinical nutritionist. For Ben, this life-changing experience made it far more important to teach people about their health, and how to eat, rather than how to hit a golf ball.

Ben went on to gain his Masters in Holistic Nutrition, and is currently completing his PhD on the relationship between mental health and nutrition.

Over the past 15 years, Ben has founded BePure, developed the BePure nutritional support product range, toured the country with seminar series talking to over 70,000 people, and is currently the Clinical Director of the BePure Clinic.

Ben lives and breathes what he teaches. He enjoys traditional, nourishing practices in a modern setting. He lives with his wife and two daughters on a 15 acre organic farm in the Hawke’s Bay where they grow over 80% of the food they eat.